David is a well known artist and writer based in Australia.
He writes and paints graphic novels and comics, develops concept art for film & TV, unique fine art works and illustrated science fiction stories.
He is also famous for being one of the very first artists to draw and paint with both hands at once ( since 2002) and he has been demonstrating this skill at schools, libraries, literature festivals and public events ever since.
Because of his unique skill David was commissioned to create an ad for Qantas Airlines,
this amazing ad being seen by millions daily on prime time TV, online and during inflight entertainment on all Qantas flights.
A huge and enthusiastic public response led to the Qantas Cash Card ad’s run being extended and then to another commission from Qantas to create a six second ‘Vine’ as part of their sponsored launch of the Tropfest International Film Festival 2014.

David never stops pushing the limits of his unique ambidextrous artform and recently started a series of artworks based on well known characters. The unique thing about his approach is that as a highly trained classical artist he is able to not just copy the two dimensional shapes of characters from photos and life but also ‘feel’ with both hands their unique 3D form and literally bring their solidity out of the paper and canvas – a truly unique artistic feat!








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